Riftable Items

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I'm putting together a new rift parser (because I'm bored and the old one is incomplete), and need the names of all the riftable items.

I need both the "long name" (what it appears as in your rift and the inr/outr messages) and the "short name" (the noun used to rift it). I've already put a bunch into a table, which I'll throw behind a spoiler and clean up to just have the item names in a little bit.

I'd prefer nouns that are unique - shrimp is better than bait for shrimp bait, boneingot is better than bone for bone ingots, etc.

Spoiler: Highlight to view
dandelion root - dandelion
endive root - endive
fenugreek - fenugreek
galingale flower - galingale
ginger root - ginger
hyssop stem - hyssop
juniper berry - juniper
kelp - kelp
laurel - laurel
linseed - linseed
lovage - lovage
maidenhair leaf - maidenhair
mandrake root - mandrake
moonwort - moonwort
myrrh gum - myrrh
nightshade root - nightshade
olive - olive
orphine seed - orphine
prickly pear - pear
primrose - primrose
quince fruit - quince
ribwort - ribwort
spearwort - spearwort
toadstool - toadstool
violet root - violet
weed - weed
wormwood root - wormwood

blue ink - blueink
green ink - greenink
purple ink - purpleink
red ink - redink
yellow ink - yellowink
gold ink - goldink

crystehl - crystehl
isan - isan
sinn - sinn
stehl - stehl
rahnse - rahnse
bone ingot - boneingot
orichalcum - orichalcum
veritum - veritum
cuhpfehr - cuhpfehr

--commodities and misc
meat commodity - meat
ruby - ruby
leather - leather
gold - gold
platinum - platinum
dairy commodity - dairy
emerald - emerald
steel - steel
coal - coal
obsidian - obsidian
ice - ice
rope - rope
diamond - diamond
sapphire - sapphire
stone - stone
grain - grain
glass - glass
gemstone - gemstone
bone - bonecommodity
fruit commodity - fruit
silver bar - silver
vegetable - vegetable
iron - iron
wood - wood
cloth - cloth
hornpiece - hornpiece
charcoal - charcoal
sidewinder skin - skin
blackpowder - blackpowder
diamond dust - dust
venom sac - venomsac
pellet - pellet
blueberry - blueberry
eagle's feather - feather
arachnid sac - arachnid

--edited in
shrimp bait - shrimp
worm bait - worm
saltpetre - saltpetre
sulphur - sulphur
shot - shot
corojo - corojo
meadowhawk sac - meadowhawk
ant sac - ant
frog sac - frog
paper - paper

--bone dust
gold bone dust - golddust
green bone dust - greendust
blue bone dust - bluedust
purple bone dust - purpledust
red bone dust - reddust
yellow bone dust - yellowdust
plain bone dust - plaindust

EDIT: added everything under the --edited in label